Stage 4 is on its way

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Stage 4 is on its way

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Phase A - The houses are populated
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!Stage 4 - 128 new residential units

We don't know where you’ll be in life by 2025 – but one thing’s for sure, Kedem will not be the same by then, so don’t miss your train! Join us by making the BEST deal of your lives with big spacious apartments at a small price (for those of you who get to them in time) in Israel's newest and youngest location, Kedem!


Avnei Hefetz now has about 150 young national religious families who enjoy a rich and unique community life. In this upcoming year Kedem is expecting about 100 new families. You're more than welcome to arrive here during the afternoon hours and see playgrounds full of kids, babies, and tired parents.


In Kedem we will make uniting the community and services a priority, starting from excellent educational services for your children – daycare to school (near your home!), to great services for adults starting at healthcare and to getting your Amazon packages right to your door.


Kedem is growing from day to day and the trucks never stop coming!


Kedem is 30 minutes away from Kfar Saba and Natanya, in the next couple of years residents will enjoy an extraordinary transportational and occupational development with the completion of the eastern railway station construction linking to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, as well as a new interchange on Route 6 north of Kibbutz Eyal, which will bring Kedem significantly closer to Route 6. (6 minutes from 6!)


Roads in the area have been upgraded and the development momentum is in full swing, come and see with your own eyes!

Next to Avnei Hefetz, a huge industrial zone is planned called "Bostnei Hefetz" – which will provide the area with jobs and commerce opportunities.

So – the location is fantastic, the families are wonderful and all you have to do is come, take a look and join our community, we’re waiting for you!

In Stage 4, an additional 128 apartments are beeing built in terraced buildings. You are able to choose from a variety of apartment sizes - 4, 5 and 6 rooms, all with either balconies (open roof, you can build a sukkah) or gardens which were meticulously planned and have a high qualities specification

?Want to make the change of life Leave details and our representative will get back to you soon

'Harey Zahav' was established in 2007 and today is one of the leaders and pioneers in the real estate market in Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley.
The company's first project is Leshem (about 700 housing units), a project that is considered a dizzying success and best known among religious Zionists.
Over the years, 'Harey Zahav' has developed a specialization in building new localities, expanding existing localities and building for diverse target audiences.

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