Mevo Dotan Project
In northern Samaria

Private homes starting from 105 sqm

!Dotan - your community

Join the 65 young families who have already improved their quality of life in the first phase of the project.

We have managed to create a warm, vibrant, creative and value-based community. The settlement has religious and secular educational institutions, community centers, synagogues, a mikveh, a youth movement and more.

The settlement is located near the city of Harish, which is growing these days and will contain 20,000 households in the coming years.

Dotan is only 15 minutes away from Harish city and Road 6 and close to wherever you want to go.

The new project offers private houses of four and six rooms with high specifications and close accompaniment of the Harey zahav.

!Let's get acquainted

Breathtaking view

Mixed community settlement

minutes from Harish

Educational Institutions
and youth movements

Pool and restaurant

Private house with garden

"Model "Lotem

      Private house 

      4-6 rooms

      106-191 sq"m

      Private garden

      A half-dunam plot

"Model "Shoham

      Private house 

      4-6 rooms

      109-132 sq"m

      Private garden

      A half-dunam plot

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'Harey Zahav' was established in 2007 and today is one of the leaders and pioneers in the real estate market in Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley.
The company's first project is Leshem (about 700 housing units), a project that is considered a dizzying success and best known among religious Zionists.
Over the years, 'Harey Zahav' has developed a specialization in building new localities, expanding existing localities and building for diverse target audiences.

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